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Many thanks to PRINTING.COM of Leicester for providing the following business cards to promote my charity fund raising activities! And thanks to my daughter for designing them! You too can get involved by DONATING TO MY CHOSEN CHARITIES PLEASE!

Clipper 70 Official Launch

On 19th Jan we got to see the Clipper 70 for real at the Crew Briefing day and Official Clipper 70 Launch down at St. Katharine Docks in London. First impressions are that there is a lot more space both on deck and below. Gone is the crew ghetto, the crew accommodation basically being separated […]

Clipper Race and De Lage Landen Unite Again

Finally some news about the teams! Clipper have just announced that De Lage Landen have signed up to sponsor a yacht again in this years race; after their successfully sponsorship of one in the 11-12 race. By coincidence it was this yacht that I completed my Level 2 training on in November 2012. Full details […]

Celestial Navigation

I did my RYA Ocean Masters Theory a couple of years ago, but never been able to put it into practice. In fact never really got to use a sextant during the course. It truly is a theory course. So one of my little goals whilst doing the clipper is to do enough practical to […]

GRIB Files

Found some links to free GRIB files that you can use with the demo version of the SeaPro Navigation software:

SeaPro Demo Version

The Clipper Boats use SeaPro 3000 Performance navigation software. So obviously this is something I wanted to learn how to use. But how to go about learning this when not on a yacht? Well it turns out that the nice boys and girls at EuroNav provide a fully functioning simulator free of charge, complete with […]

My Clipper 13-14 Adventure