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Doldrum Drudgery

Well the Doldrums have really lived up to their name! It is 9 days that we’ve been in them so far; apparently this is the longest Doldrum crossing the Clipper Race has ever had. Rio still seems miles away, as does the equator. So that’s half the race to date we’ve been in them. The […]


Well we are well and truly into the Doldrums now. Wind varies from nothing, all the sails hanging limp and lifeless to 30+ knots in an instant. When these gusts strike we desperately try to bear away onto a run as fast as possible so as not to shred the Code 1 spinnaker that is […]


Quite surprising the amount of wildlife to be seen out here, some 600 miles off the coast of Senegal and 2 days away from the doldrums. Obviously there are the inevitable dolphins; but we also had a pair of humpback whales pass within 150m of the boat the other day. Looked like a mother and […]

Trucking South Picking Up Places

Currently some 900 miles North of the Cap Verde islands. Helming conditions are great at the moment under kite. Average speed is around 15 knots, touching 20 surfing down the waves. But it is clear that the kite system is not up for the job, and nor are the gybe preventers. However the spinnaker halyards […]

Further Spinnaker Woes and Fresh Fruit Finished

The last couple of days we have been making excellent progress under kite heading west; overhauling a couple of other boats in the fleet in the process of working our way up to 3rd. Our daily mileage rates have also been amongst the best in the fleet averaging 240 miles per day. However further spinnaker […]

Clipper 2013-14 Race Start

Here are some images from the Clipper 2013-14 official race start from Tower Bridge, London.

Blast Across Biscay

So I’ve completed my first crossing of the Bay of Biscay! Initially it let us think we were going to have a smooth ride and we completed most of it under spinnaker in fairly benign conditions; until the end. Almost out the bay approaching Finisteire and the wind quickly built and just as the the […]

Race 1 London to Brest

Race 1; London to Brest, approx 380 nm, 2/3 days. After high emotions of leaving London and they were high and mixed, we motored down the Thames to anchor for the evening at Queensborough. Race start was scheduled for 9:30 off Southend pier Monday morning so an early rise was needed to get across the […]

My Clipper 13-14 Adventure