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Another Spinnaker Down

Well we are another spinnaker down! A stuck spinnaker sheet during the night before last, caused by a riding turn on a winch prompted a series of broaches and accidental gybes and resulted in an emergency kite drop having to be performed. By the time the kite, our Code 2, was recovered there was damage […]

First Sail Repair

Suppose it had to happen sometime, but we now have our first sail repair to do. Nothing trivial either. A moments inattention in 20Knts of breeze, the Code 1 kite collapses and then snaps back full and hey presto the head comes off luff to leech in an instant. Then, just when you though it […]

Getting Chilly

Starting to get really chilly at nights, not quite down to base and mid layers so far but definitely full oilies, fleecy, hat and gloves now. Even Matt, our skipper is now wearing foulies, hat and gloves! Still at least the drop in temperature means it is more comfortable down below decks and sleep isn’t […]

Tough Intro to the South Atlantic

Leg 2, Race 3! Rio to Cape Town. Well we’re off, Rio is now behind us and Cape Town the destination. After starting underneath Sugar Loaf mountain and around the headland to sail along Copacabana beach it was out into the South Atlantic. From the off we were into strong headwinds and moderate seas. This […]

Rio Finally

So after 31 days at sea we finally arrived in Rio on the evening of the 9th Oct! Whilst the flew into the bay with a hard pressed Code 1 spinnaker (the biggest) underneath Sugar Loaf mountain and Christ the Redeemer, lit in pink at night; the last 48 hours down the coastline of Brazil […]

27 Days At Sea and Counting

So this is day 27 of the trip down to Rio from Brest in what should have been a 23 day voyage. We’re still 3 days out as well. Most of the crew are struggling now with fatigue, lack of sleep and the monotony of the watch system. Watches fluctuate between a couple of hours […]

Escape from the Doldrums and the Equator

Well finally the Doldrums have released their grip on us! This was marked by a sudden jump in air pressure as we crossed into the South Atlantic high and a nice steady wind from the SSW. However with the SSW comes another challenge; we have to learn to live life at an angle again until […]

My Clipper 13-14 Adventure