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Albany, WA and Reflecting on Leg 3

Reflecting on Leg 3 now that I’m enjoying the welcome hospitality of Albany it is by far and away the toughest sailing I have done, or likely to ever do again; but also the most enjoyable. The Southern Ocean certainly lived up to its reputation as the toughest ocean on the planet! We sailed through […]

Continuing Kite Problems…..

Our kite problems continue. Currently we don’t seem to be able to fly our Code 2 for longer than about 12 hours before the tack line fails. This happened yet again this morning when the tack line snapped just in front of the jammer (as usual). There appears to be an issue with the alignment […]

Tea to be Drunk!

Here we are approx 7 days out from Albany and today we have received the import restrictions of what goods we are allowed to take into Australia, particularly foodstuffs. Along with the quarantine and inspection procedures upon our arrival. For some items these are quite restrictive, for example only 1Kg of tea, so many litres […]


So an update from our injured crew mate who had to be evacuated via Lifeboat in Port Elizabeth. He is doing well and his injury will not be permanent and will heal completely, so great news there. Although he is gutted at only managing a couple of days of his challenge. Maybe he will return […]

Southern Ocean Storm

Well that’s another new experience! I can now say I’ve helmed and sailed in the Southern Ocean in a Force 12!! At it’s peak we saw 85 Knots (close on 100mph) winds and waves that we estimated must have been 40 feet high at times. It was nothing but ferocious. Compared to some of the […]

Kitemare Part 2 and Self Testing Liferafts

So another kite incident in the middle of the night. Set to peel from one kite to another when the hoist of the new kite went pear shaped. Ended up with the new kite in the water and the retrieval line for the original kite underneath it, which basically meant we couldn’t douse that kite […]

Tough Start and Crew Injury

So another tough start to a leg! After escaping from Table Mountain’s wind shadow sail changes were quickly the order of the day, first a reef then a headsail change from Yankee 1 down to Yankee 2. This presented the first issue of the race as the Yankee 1 got swept over the guardrail and […]

Batteries Recharged Ready for Leg 3 – The Southern Ocean!

So after a 7 day break in Cape Town the batteries are well and truly re-charged prior to the start of the next leg. They will need to be as this leg takes us across the Southern Ocean via the roaring forties to Albany in Western Australia. Sounds like it will be another tough start […]

Donations Received

The following donations have been gratefully received over the last few weeks: Greg Clarke £20.00 – 26/08/2013. Ellen Struthers £10.00 – 27/08/2013. Christine Wardle £50.00 – 30/08/2013. Keith & Barbara £50.00 – 31/08/2013. Faye & Tom £50.00 – 01/09/2013. Diane Offord £50.00 – 09/09/2013. Hazel Clarke £20.00 – 16/09/2013. Bob Collier £30.00 – 18/09/2013. Jackie […]

Cape Town

Well we finally made it into Cape Town, frustrated in the last few hours by yet again finding a wind hole which cost us 24 hours. But overall it was still a quick crossing at 16 days for 3,622 miles. Although we came in the near the back of the fleet we got a rousing […]

My Clipper 13-14 Adventure