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Rolex Sydney Hobart Preparations

Our next race will see us compete in the world famous Rolex Sydney Hobart race. For me this is the icing on cake coming near the end of my whole adventure. As a watch leader it was also great to be able to attend the official race briefing held at the CYCA on Xmas eve, […]

Donation Received – Jen & Tim

Jen & Tim £250.00 – 22/12/2013. See Overall Fundraising Progress

Donation Received – Sylvia Barwick

Sylvia Brwick £50.00 – 24/11/2013. See Overall Fundraising Progress

Half Time Boat Maintenance

The repair and maintenance work continues. Part of this was the half-time boat lift as we have now completed near enough half of the circumnavigation. Our lift highlighted a number of reasons as to perhaps why our boat seemed slower than others in a straight drag race…… Number 1: We found a length of line […]

Leg 4, Race 5 to Sydney Reflections

For me this race will be remembered for a number if things: The huge and rapid change in wind conditions with little or no warning! These conditions have left us with 2 ruined kites, potentially beyond repair and if it wasn’t for the sheet snapping perhaps a third. On several occasions we were hit what […]

Off With His Head!

So the storm came and went without incident. As it happens I was on Mother Watch so slept through most of it. However it left us with a moderate sea and 25-30 Knots of wind from behind and great surfing conditions; myself setting the record for the day of 22.3 Knots. Matt decided that it […]

Hung Drawn and Quartered

We are in purgatory! We have been stuck within a 100 miles of Sydney now for 2 whole days tackling an adverse ocean current with little or no wind! Then when the wind does fill in we are little caught with our pants down. Zero to 30 plus knots of wind in no time flat […]

Nothing Much to Report

Well 4 days into Leg 4, Race 5 Albany to Sydney and nothing much to report. After the excitement of the race start, in which GBR and PSP had a coming together which resulted in GBR losing their bowsprit and PSP losing their port wheel and rear rhino bar we headed south towards the Southern […]

My Clipper 13-14 Adventure