The Life

Home comforts are few and far between! I’ll have my own berth and personal space but it won’t be very big. One of the biggest problems will be keeping my stuff dry as well.
Also there is only one shower onboard, and I won’t always be allowed to use it – depends on the water situation! Hey – it’ll be like being a student again 🙂 Apparently wet wipes are the key……

  • The yacht will run a watch system, so many hours on, so many off – typically around 4.
  • In addition I will be expected to undertake ‘mother watches’ where I will be responsible for catering for the crew and cleaning the boat over a 24 hour period.
  • The following roles onboard include:
    • Bowman
    • Foredeck
    • Mast
    • Snake pit
    • Helm
    • Trimmer
    • Sail repairer
    • Watch leader
    • Navigation & tactics
    • Medic
    • Engineer
    • Sail repair
    • Photography & media
    • Mother/victualler
  • Bread is baked fresh every day and  two people (one from each watch) take on the role of mother each day
  • All the yachts are equipped with waterproof stills and video cameras
Foredeck at work

Foredeck at Work

In practice I will need to be able to undertake all these roles, however it is normal for people to specialise in one or two roles where their strength lies.


My Clipper 13-14 Adventure