Another Spinnaker Down

Well we are another spinnaker down!

A stuck spinnaker sheet during the night before last, caused by a riding turn on a winch prompted a series of broaches and accidental gybes and resulted in an emergency kite drop having to be performed. By the time the kite, our Code 2, was recovered there was damage to one corner.

The damage means further work for the team of seamtresses who are still busy working on repairing the Code 1. They are currently on day 3 of repairing the Code 1 working in shifts around the clock. Unfortunately progress has slowed somewhat as the sewing machine is now bust after it got slung across the cabin during one of the broaches. This means it is down to hand stitching some 40 metres of luff tape back onto the kite.

In the same incident we have lost another fairlead off the bow, ripped off in one of the crash gybes; bolts sheared and deep sixed as the gybe preventers loaded up. Once the fairlead failed the gybe preventer came up against the pulpit leg and went straight through it like butter, so that’s another pulpit repair required again after we had repaired in Rio. Quite chaotic for a time but fortunately no injuries, apart from a few bruises; but a distinct lack of sleep – most of us ended up pulling a 16 hour shift before 3.5 hrs in bed and then a double night shift…..

For now the Code 1 takes priority for repair as the wind lightens on the approach to Cape Town. In the meantime we have to use “Thor” our heavyweight storm kite (Code 3); not ideal but it is the only serviceable kite we have at the moment.

STOP PRESS: The Code 1 is now fixed and ready to do back up!

In other news we have FINALLY spotted our first Albatross; it was swooping around the yacht yesterday lunchtime whilst the team meeting was in progress.

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  1. John of Upminster says:

    Thanks for the interesting explanations of the kite incidents. I’d seen Matt’s reports and was hoping to get more insight into them. Sounds a bit scary.

    Pleased you’ve seen an Albatross, hope you got some good pics.

  2. Debbie says:

    Just been catching up on your blog and finding it fasincating and so envious of the adventures you are having….well maybe not the sweltering heat…. and guess your celebration dinner will not contain cous cous when you get back to the UK! Keep safe, enjoy and we all thinking of you and willing you on back here at Cancer Research UK Headquarters!

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