Me during a 25 mile time trialWhen I start the Clipper in July/August of 2013 I will be 50 years old (one of the reasons for me doing it).

I am already a keen sailor and a qualified skipper, and have been sailing for around 10 years. However I have never undertaken a voyage like this before nor sailed anywhere near as far in a single trip. In fact I will have never been so far away from home as well. Just to give a perspective as to what I am undertaking I am likely to do as many miles sailing in this one trip as I have covered in the last 10 years!


I am also a keen cyclist and have been cycling since the age of 13. I wanted a racing bike for Xmas that year and I got one on condition that I joined the local cycling club (Lincoln Wheelers) that my Dad was (and still is) a member of. I had a lay off from cycling for about 8 years where I did a bit of running and completed a couple of marathons, but constant niggling injuries forced me back onto my bike 3 or 4 years ago and last year I started competing again thinking that I would never get anywhere near the sort of times I achieved in my 20’s. But hey presto I knocked a whole minute of my 10 mile time trail time and 4 minutes off my 25 mile time trial time – which only goes to show that you’re never too old (that or I simply wasn’t trying hard enough in my 20’s!!)

I’m an active member of the Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club, and cover some 250 miles a week on my bike commuting too and from work and riding/racing at the weekends. Some say I was a bit obsessive (and a bit barmy….)

I ‘m also a snowboarder taking this up about 5 years ago. Usually me and my partner, Dee,  go to Canada for a couple of weeks each season.

I have two children aged 24 and 22 who I’m immensely proud of. My daughter is a talented graphic designer and I’ll be proudly giving her away later in the year when she gets married. My son also works in the IT industry for a well known celebrity’s company. I live with my partner, Dee, whom I met through sailing, and we have a stupid cat that is the typical scardy cat – actually runs away from her own shadow.

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My Clipper 13-14 Adventure