My Race

My race will consist of 4 Legs out of the 8 that comprise the race; the first 4 legs. (Yes I have now added a 4th leg!)

Details of each of the legs can be found below.

Leg 1 - UK to Brazil (via Europe)

Clipper 70Leg 1 takes the race from the start in the south of the UK (still to be announced) to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, via a short stop at Brest in France. The leg consists of 2 races over a distance of 4,500 miles and will take approximately 25 days to complete. After the emotions of leaving loved one’s behind in the UK ahead is the […]Read More »

Leg 2 - Brazil to South Africa

SA Cape TownView Larger MapLeg 2 takes the race from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil directly to Capetown, South Africa. It is a single race of 3,500 miles and will take approximately 18 days to complete. Upon leaving Rio we will be straight back into the trade winds and into the South Atlantic heading south towards the infamous Southern Ocean. This will be a leg of exhilerating, andrenalin […]Read More »

Leg 3 - South Africa to Western Australia

PerthLeg 3 takes the race from Capetown, South Africa, to Western Australia via the Indian and Southern Oceans. The leg is a single race of approx 4,700 nautical miles and will take around 23 days to complete. The route also includes the rounding of the Cape of Good Hope, another first for me, after which the yachts […]Read More »

Leg 4 - Western Australia to Eastern Australia

Sydney HarbourView Larger MapLeg 4 takes the race from Western Australia to Sydney and then on to a further destination port in Eastern Australia. This will mean that I will round the 3rd great cape on the planet; Cap Leeuwin on the south western tip of Australia and will be my second cape rounding. This only […]Read More »

Cape Town

Well we finally made it into Cape Town, frustrated in the last few hours by yet again finding a wind hole which cost us 24 hours. But overall it was still a quick crossing at 16 days for 3,622 miles. Although we came in the near the back of the fleet we got a rousing […]Read More »

Batteries Recharged Ready for Leg 3 - The Southern Ocean!

So after a 7 day break in Cape Town the batteries are well and truly re-charged prior to the start of the next leg. They will need to be as this leg takes us across the Southern Ocean via the roaring forties to Albany in Western Australia. Sounds like it will be another tough start […]Read More »

Albany, WA and Reflecting on Leg 3

Reflecting on Leg 3 now that I’m enjoying the welcome hospitality of Albany it is by far and away the toughest sailing I have done, or likely to ever do again; but also the most enjoyable. The Southern Ocean certainly lived up to its reputation as the toughest ocean on the planet! We sailed through […]Read More »

Leg 4, Race 5 to Sydney Reflections

For me this race will be remembered for a number if things: The huge and rapid change in wind conditions with little or no warning! These conditions have left us with 2 ruined kites, potentially beyond repair and if it wasn’t for the sheet snapping perhaps a third. On several occasions we were hit what […]Read More »

Rolex Sydney Hobart Preparations

Our next race will see us compete in the world famous Rolex Sydney Hobart race. For me this is the icing on cake coming near the end of my whole adventure. As a watch leader it was also great to be able to attend the official race briefing held at the CYCA on Xmas eve, […]Read More »

Rolex Sydney Hobart

Well that’s the Rolex Sydney Hobart completed and it lived up to its reputation! The start was exhilarating as the 94 yachts broke from the line and reached up to the exit of the harbour at the Heads, the maxi yachts like Wild Oats and Perpetual leading the charge, along with the masses of spectator […]Read More »

My Clipper 13-14 Adventure