Cape Town

Table Mountain

Well we finally made it into Cape Town, frustrated in the last few hours by yet again finding a wind hole which cost us 24 hours. But overall it was still a quick crossing at 16 days for 3,622 miles. Although we came in the near the back of the fleet we got a rousing welcome from the other boats as we entered the V&A Marina to pick up our berth; something the earlier boats wouldn’t have got.

On reflection Leg 2 was better than the first leg to Rio, gone was the insufferable heat, thermals being required down in the Southern Ocean. Also gone was the lack of wind, for the majority of the passage we had a good steady 15knot breeze in the right direction mostly under kite. The most surprising bit was how calm the sea was. Didn’t find any of the big seas that I was expecting, even down in the Southern Ocean. Perhaps we were lucky?

Wildlife seemed less obvious as well. Managed to spot a single Albatross (unable to find camera in time unfortunately), a couple of whales and a small pod of dolphins, flying fish still of course. The other life we found on decks towards the end were Squid – I didn’t realise they could fly? We also literally bumped into what we believed was a shark during the early hours of the morning a couple of days out of Cape Town; can’t say what sort however.

The bonus for me on the leg was that it will count as my Ocean Master qualifying passage as I was Watch Leader for the leg and managed to get some sun and moon sights with the sextant to plot our position. Found being watch leader quite a challenge; being responsible for the running of the boat and crew whilst then Skipper is not on deck. Plus having to deal with any crew issues within or between the watches. It’s a different thing doing it for a 2-3 week passage against a day trip around the Solent or a jaunt across the channel.

We'll Earned Beer!So now we’re due a bit of downtime, that is after the boat has been cleaned, fixed and victualled ready for the next leg. Also time to say goodbye to some friends and welcome the new leggers aboard.

Do they really know what they have let themselves in for I wonder?

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