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Donation Received – DCFC Supporters Club

Well the donations are still coming in!! DCFC Supporters Club – South Derbyshire Branch £100.00 – 30/03/2014. See Overall Fundraising Progress

Preparing to Leave Home…..

So from this weekend it will be pretty much the last time I see my home for 5 months, excepting a fleeting return from London over the Bank Holiday weekend to pick up a clean set of boxer shorts. The last couple of weeks have been fairly hectic at home trying to put in place […]

Vaccinations Complete

So this is the all important certificate I need to get into South Africa. Apparently if I’m not in possession of this at the time of entry whena arriving from South America I get: Quarantined, Vaccinated, Deported All at my own cost, nice welcome!!   In addition to this I’ve had to have the following […]

Domestic Arrangements……

So it suddenly dawned on me the other night laid in bed that I’m going to be away from home for circa 3 months and what that actually means! Apart from being away from my loved ones for the period (no not my bikes, or the cat – the other loved ones) there are quite […]

Admin Stuff Done!

So, over the last couple of weeks apart, from going to Majorca for some cycle training in the sun, I’ve been completing the admin stuff that needs to be done before I can attend the first training course. There were a number of forms that needed to be completed and along with the medical certificate […]

Cough & Drop!

Ok, so I’ve been and got my medical form signed today – that wasn’t a cheap affair! No need for the Doctor to do the cough and drop test, just show me the bill for £120 was more than enough to make me splutter and produce that sinking feeling!! So now I can fill in […]

My Clipper 13-14 Adventure