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Post Race Kit Review – Waterproofs

Thought it might be useful to provide some feedback on what kit I took with me on the 4 legs of the Clipper Race I completed; i.e. what worked and didn’t and how much to take. So let’s start with waterproofs. I have to point out that these are my personal observations! I actually took […]

Silk Liners – Modification

Going on the recommendation of previous Clipper crew I bought a silk liner for my Gauss Sleeping bag. However the first time I used this on my L2 training I found an annoying issue with them getting wrapped around you and tieing you up in knots inside the sleeping bag, or disappearing to the bottom […]

Sleeping Bag

So my new sleeping bag has arrived. Went for a Gauss Dreamseeker in the end. If you let them know you’re doing The Clipper you get a £25 discount plus a free pillow that goes with the bag. First impressions were – ‘My god but it’s big!!’ However once I got over that and started […]

My Clipper 13-14 Adventure