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London Delivery Trip

On Monday 19th August the fleet left Gosport for the delivery trip to St. Katharine’s Dock in London. This was after a hectic week in Gosport preparing the yachts for the challenge ahead as they were released from training to the race crews. The trip was not a straight delivery as this would only take […]

RYA Radar Course Completed

So finally got round to doing the RYA Radar Course, only taken me 3 years to get round to this. Problem has been finding somebody close by that runs it rather having to drive 200 miles down to the south coast which seems a tad excessive for a one day course. Also part way through […]

RYA First Aid Certificate

Spent a useful day renewing my RYA First Aid Certificate that had expired last year. Always good to do a refresher as well! Now contemplating doing my RYA PPR (Professional Practice and Responsibilities) as a prelude to applying for my commercial endorsement.  

Celestial Navigation

I did my RYA Ocean Masters Theory a couple of years ago, but never been able to put it into practice. In fact never really got to use a sextant during the course. It truly is a theory course. So one of my little goals whilst doing the clipper is to do enough practical to […]

GRIB Files

Found some links to free GRIB files that you can use with the demo version of the SeaPro Navigation software:

SeaPro Demo Version

The Clipper Boats use SeaPro 3000 Performance navigation software. So obviously this is something I wanted to learn how to use. But how to go about learning this when not on a yacht? Well it turns out that the nice boys and girls at EuroNav provide a fully functioning simulator free of charge, complete with […]

Fitness Training

Ok, so I’ve always been a bit of fitness fanatic; cycling a couple of hundred miles a week all year round. But after my Level 1 Clipper Training course it became apparent that I needed a different sort of fitness and I’d have to sort this out before the event! All my cycling fitness is […]

Level 3 Dates

So recently Clipper have been sorting out dates for various activities so next years diary is already filling up fast before we even get to the main event! Jan 19th – Clipper Crew Day At the London Boat Show, where we get our first official clipper photo taken and our first official piece of clothing. […]

Sea Survival Training

The Sea Survival training was incorporated into the Level 2 course, but in essence it is a standalone course. I actually did this back in 2006, but it was good to do it again and it was every bit as fun as the first time around. Basically the course consists of telling you all the […]

Level 2 Training Completed

During the first week in November I did my Level 2 training. As per the level 1 it was great fun and as comprehensive as before and yet again learned some more. On this course we were introduced to the spinnaker and more importantly how to pack the damn thing! The course was run on […]

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