I have chosen two charities close to my heart to raise money for. These are:

Donate NowYou can find out more about each of these charities and why I am raising money for them on their respective pages, along with links to the associated Virgin Money Giving page.

My preference is that all donations are split on a 50/50 basis between my two chosen charities. However recognising that some people may prefer to donate to one particular charity there are options on my Virgin Money Giving Page to do this. Links for these can be found on the Charity pages respectively.

Every penny donated goes to the selected charity!


Fundraising In Aid of RNLIIn Aid of Cancer Research UKMy target is to raise £1 for each mile completed and it’s approximately 5,000 to Brazil!

Buy me a pint! All I’m asking is for each person that sponsors me to buy me the equivalent of a pint. That’s less than £3 in my local – so next time you go out for a drink have one less pint or glass of wine and instead buy one for me by donating to one of my two charities. Great benefits –

a) you’ll probably have less of a hangover in the morning, and

b) you’ll get loads of karma points by donating money to a good cause.


Sponsor Me to Go Further

I have paid for myself (with some sponsorship from my company) to undertake legs 1 and 2 and complete the prerequisite training. And my aim is to raise the equivalent of £1 for each mile sailed. At the moment that’s 5000 miles approximately. During this time I also won’t be working and hence won’t be earning anything. Owning my own company means that if I don’t work I don’t earn anything – hence on top of the cost of completing the leg I will also be faced with a drop in income.

Now I would like to go further and hence be able to try and raise further money for my good causes but there is a limit to what I can self fund, and I want to ensure every penny raised for charity goes to the charity. Therefore I’m looking for corporate sponsorship to fund a berth in additional legs. If you work for a company that think may be interested in helping out in this manner please check out my Corporate Sponsorship page to see what sort of unique benefits could be realised and contact me directly.


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