Clipper 70 Commissioning Update

Clipper 70 Clipper have released an update on how the commissioning is going for the fleet of new yachts that we’ll be using for our race.

The news is that some “issues” have been found with the bonding of the resin in the hull on the first 4 boats, which are being addressed but this will delay the commissioning of the yachts in the UK by up to 7 weeks. The remaining yachts are being checked and rectified if required in China before being delivered.

Clipper assure us that the race start date won’t be affected however.

Read the full update on Clippers Website.


One Comment to "Clipper 70 Commissioning Update"

  1. Neil says:


    Received an e-mail from Clipper today saying that some of the training courses have got to be pushed back until the middle of August because of this. Therefore I can’t see how the race can start on time in August now.

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