Continuing Kite Problems…..

Our kite problems continue.

Currently we don’t seem to be able to fly our Code 2 for longer than about
12 hours before the tack line fails. This happened yet again this morning
when the tack line snapped just in front of the jammer (as usual). There
appears to be an issue with the alignment of the jammer to the run of the
line causing the tack line to chafe as it exits the jammer. Running total
for this leg is around 6 failures; so far.

After the failure this morning yet another new tack line was run, the kite
repacked and re-hoisted – and we were under kite again…….. for 10 whole
minutes before the halyard snapped!!

Result = kite in the water and all hands required to haul it back in.

We have come to the conclusion therefore that the Code 2 prefers to be in
his bag, or the water!

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