First Sail Repair

Suppose it had to happen sometime, but we now have our first sail repair to do. Nothing trivial either.

A moments inattention in 20Knts of breeze, the Code 1 kite collapses and then snaps back full and hey presto the head comes off luff to leech in an instant. Then, just when you though it was all over, it tore the leech line out the full length of the luff as it gracefully collapsed into the water to become an anchor. Fortunately it didn’t contrive itself to wrap around our keel.

An hour later, with thanks to some of the off watch coming up to help it was down below and a replacement kite, our second largest the Code 2, already flying so that we could retain our recent pace. In fact we was probably only bare headed for around 40 minutes. Two sub watches of sail repairers have now been formed to work round the clock as Matt says he will need it again in about 5 days time.

Regardless of this little set back our pace over the last 24 hours has been good and we recorded the highest daily mileage for the fleet to date; 304 miles run, which included the hour with no kite up.

Nothing to report on Albatross watch, but we did pass close by a Pilot whale the other evening.

We also realised that since leaving Rio some 8 days ago we have seen no other vessel, apart from the odd other Clipper boat popping up on AIS. However we did pass by Gough Island yesterday. It’s manned by some weather researchers and one of the other boats had a quick chat with them via VHF as we were in range.

Life is quiet down in 41′ South on the whole though!

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