Further Spinnaker Woes and Fresh Fruit Finished

The last couple of days we have been making excellent progress under kite
heading west; overhauling a couple of other boats in the fleet in the
process of working our way up to 3rd. Our daily mileage rates have also
been amongst the best in the fleet averaging 240 miles per day.

However further spinnaker woes have beset us when it was noticed that the
new spinnaker halyard run the other day has also chaffed to the point of
breaking where it enters and exits the mast. To solve this problem it was
decided to re-run the spinnaker halyard outside of the mast directly
between the top and bottom blocks and to get the opposite side halyard
attached at the top before the working halyard snapped. This involved three
trips up the mast by Ed & Mick before the operation was complete, with a
further 4th trip required to replace the now free halyard that was damaged.

It transpires that other boats across the fleet have encountered the same

Meanwhile we plough on south and west and the temperature continues to
increase, to the point I can spend the night in shorts. We’re currently on
the same latitude as Gibraltar.

Another milestone has been reached 5 days in to our trip down to Rio; we have
eaten the last of the fresh fruit! Already talk has turned to what our first
meal will be when we hit shore; this is still some 15-18 days away however!
Anything not involving rice, pasta, or cous cous is sounding good!!

One Comment to "Further Spinnaker Woes and Fresh Fruit Finished"

  1. Terry says:

    The team seem to be going well and making solid progress against the fleet. Keep focused and enjoy the ride. Just over two weeks now to a steak and and an ice cold beer!

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