Getting Chilly

Starting to get really chilly at nights, not quite down to base and mid layers so far but definitely full oilies, fleecy, hat and gloves now. Even Matt, our skipper is now wearing foulies, hat and gloves! Still at least the drop in temperature means it is more comfortable down below decks and sleep isn’t a problem – in fact started using the sleeping bag again. Still have a few degrees of South left in our planned course as well, so likely to get colder still before we start heading back North towards Cape Town.

Thanks to the Mission Performance guys for the nice warm beanies!!

We’ve finally been able to pop the kite and are sat below the high pressure that we should be able to follow all the way round to Cape Town. Although we slipped down to 9th Matt reckons we are well positioned in the weather system – exactly where he wants to be, whereas the boats further north could get trapped by the centre of the high and lose their wind. Certainly last night they were already slowing compared to us. All being well we should be able to hold the kite all the way to Cape Town. That means we will have done the whole leg on one tack – port! Some 3,500 miles on a single tack!?!

Just completed Mother watch again and made another tea loaf that went down a storm. We also had a proper meat stew last night – it was awesome (thanks
Pete who I shared Mother Watch with). This time the victuallers (Derek and Jo) purchased fresh meat, vacumn packed in Rio that we are keeping in the fridge – really lifted the crews spirit yesterday! Even Rob had an appetite and a smile. It was pancakes for breakfast, noodles with a satay sauce for dinner, then beef stew and mash for tea followed by tinned pears and custard (a crew firm favourite), then tea loaf for supper. [Editor’s note: Where I come from there is no such thing as lunch; it’s breakfast, dinner and tea….]

Drew the good mother watch as well, the one where you’re off till 11am the following day, so a whole 15 hours in your bunk if you want it! I therefore spent some of the downtime catching up on Family Guy that I loaded up on my iPad before departing. Also gives you time for a full wet wipe shower and a shave! Luxury……….

Still no wildlife to report and no sign of an Albatross; in fact other than the odd Clipper boat we haven’t seen any other shipping at all since leaving Rio. Makes our competition; the first to spot a man made object not from our boat, really difficult!

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  1. Terry says:

    Hi Neil,
    So today sees you get a mention in despatches for your Mothering Duties; stew and tea loaf! Well done – it no doubt lifted the teams spirits – hopefully enough to start to see you guys starting to push for a podium position. Keep the blogs coming and I hope that he tactics work on this leg!

  2. Rachel England says:

    Hi guys. Sounds like you are doing really well and I’m so proud of your progress! I’m nipping into the Race Tracker from time to time and noted Matt’s tactics as well as the wind patterns – let’s hope it blows hard behind you and it’s surfing all the way until Table Mountain comes into view. Where i come from it’s Breakfast Lunch and Supper – so several cultural differences to compare and contrast on long watches to come. Rachxx

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