Half Time Boat Maintenance

The repair and maintenance work continues. Part of this was the half-time boat lift as we have now completed near enough half of the circumnavigation. Our lift highlighted a number of reasons as to perhaps why our boat seemed slower than others in a straight drag race……
20131218-193833.jpgNumber 1: We found a length of line stuck in the gears that allow the propellor to fold up. If it doesn’t fold then we get more drag and the boat is slower….. It should fold up like thus:


20131218-194856.jpgNumber 2: Our keel and rudders, plus parts of the hull had NO anti-fouling on and so were carrying round there own little Eco-systems! We compared the state of our hull to others and they were considerably cleaner with almost no growth!!

It took the man with the jet wash quite a bit longer to clean the hull of our boat than the others.

Mind you Garmin had a nice dint in their keel šŸ˜‰


20131218-195544.jpgNumber 3: Our rudder blades are misaligned two ways; 1) they don’t face in the same direction so causing more drag, 2) the toe in angle is the wrong way round, they should be toe’d in not out.

Sir Robin came across to have a look as he was fitting the bowsprit back to GBR and pointed out what was wrong and what we need to do to correct it.

The spanners will therefore be coming out in the morning!

20131218-200120.jpgNumber 4: The starboard rudder is damaged again creating more drag.

Hard to say exactly what the overall effect is compared but will be interested to see in the next race when alongside one of the other boats. Normally in this situation we don’t seem to have the same pace as the other boats, particularly upwind – and it’s nothing to do with our sail trim!

None of this helps with a short handed crew though – any volunteers???

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3 Comments to "Half Time Boat Maintenance"

  1. John says:

    Fascinating and informative stuff, thanks.

  2. Jon Button says:

    If the folding prop is not working that is a very big deal (normally adding a folding prop to a boat means a significant change in the IRC number). I am sure that the rudder misalignments will make a similar difference as would marine growth on the keel, prop and rudders. Even if antifoul has been applied whilst out of the water it would pay to have a diver clean below the waterline at every stop. My boat gets done twice a month by a diver in SIngapore for S$200 but it is only 39ft so the 70 would be a lot more. But worth it. Alternatively we could buy a ‘hooker’ which is a simple electrially powered air compressor which feeds a face mask from the surface for a diver. If anyone is a qualified diver then we could do it ourselves. Cruising boats in Asia often carry them to cope with fishing net entanglements and should be available in Sydney.

  3. Debbie says:

    Wow…it is amazing the amount of damage that happens under the boat and what a difference it will make to the speed and handling…..well done guys!

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