So an update from our injured crew mate who had to be evacuated via Lifeboat in Port Elizabeth. He is doing well and his injury will not be permanent and will heal completely, so great news there. Although he is gutted at only managing a couple of days of his challenge. Maybe he will return for a later leg; otherwise he is in fantastic spirits and has high praise for both the Lifeboat crew who came out in the gale to take him off, and the treatment he subsequently received in Port Elizabeth.

In his update he dropped us a great line from a conversation he had with the Lifeboat crew as they took him back to land. It went something like this and remember this is Lifeboat crew who go out in the roughest of conditions to save lives…..!

The scene; we pull our headsail across to the correct side, sheet in and start to sail off into the teeth of a gale and the approaching night whilst waving goodbye to our crew mate.

Lifeboat Crew: “So where are the guys off to now?”

Dave: “Australia.”

Momentary pause as the lifeboat crew exchange glances, before one of them utters:

“That’s f****** Hardcore!”

Sums up the Southern Ocean and the challenge really!!

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  1. John of Upminster says:

    Difficult with all those block and line failures, and not just for Mission Performance. You mentioned in leg 1 they seemed a bit under strength.

    Obviously this leg was physically and mentally demanding. You mentioned the change to the storm jib and the blinding spray and breaking waves during the storm, but what’s it like helming in really heavy seas?

    How would you have liked to make that crossing a few hundred years ago with none of today’s high tech gear, not just on the boat, but the clothing as well? Hardcore or what!!

    Anyway have a good time in Albany.

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