Leg 1 – UK to Brazil (via Europe)

Red Arrows at the start of the 2009 Clipper

Red Arrows at the start of the 2009 Clipper

Leg 1 takes the race from the start in the south of the UK (still to be announced) to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, via a short stop at Brest in France. The leg consists of 2 races over a distance of 4,500 miles and will take approximately 25 days to complete.

After the emotions of leaving loved one’s behind in the UK ahead is the first major ocean crossing and my first ever ocean crossing – the Atlantic!

A short first race to Brest, taking around 3 days, will give the crews the opportunity to find out what needs to be adjusted before the Atlantic is tackled in earnest. Following a short stopover in Brest the route will take us south towards the Canaries and the Equator.

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The Canaries present a key tactical decision point – which side to pass them on? Or do you go through the middle? Get it wrong and any hope of a top finish could be over.

Once past the Canaries the trade winds will continue to take us south towards the next key decision point; where to cross the Doldrums, with it’s sudden squalls and unpredictable winds.


At some point here there will be another first for me – crossing the Equator and having to pay homage to King Neptune. Then for the first time in my life I will be in the Southern Hemisphere!

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Once in the Southern hemisphere its onwards in the trade winds to a Brazilian welcome, but not after another decision point – how to close in on Brazil; along the coast or stay offshore?

The right decision could snatch you victory, or lose you the race at the end.





For an insight of what Legs 1 & 2 (crossing the Atlantic Ocean) entail, Clipper’s “Against the Tide 2 Part 1” can be viewed on YouTube:


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