Leg 2 – Brazil to South Africa

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Leg 2 takes the race from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil directly to Capetown, South Africa. It is a single race of 3,500 miles and will take approximately 18 days to complete.

Upon leaving Rio we will be straight back into the trade winds and into the South Atlantic heading south towards the infamous Southern Ocean. This will be a leg of exhilerating, andrenalin inducing high speeds under spinnaker, as the yacht surfs down the front of the long, rolling swells. But the helm and crew will have to be wary, one wrong move could lead to at best damaging the spinnaker, at worst…….. Either would be a disaster in terms of race position.

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It is is a leg that is full of the promise of wildlife as well, from whales to Albatrosses.

There will be more firsts for me on this leg too; seeing the Southern Cross, visiting South Africa, my first taste of the Southern Ocean! No doubt there will be plenty more that I can’t even imagine yet.

For an insight of what Legs 1 & 2 (crossing the Atlantic Ocean) entail Clipper’s “Against the Tide 2 Part 1” can be viewed on YouTube:


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