Leg 3 – South Africa to Western Australia

Crew Work

Leg 3 takes the race from Capetown, South Africa, to Western Australia via the Indian and Southern Oceans.

The leg is a single race of approx 4,700 nautical miles and will take around 23 days to complete.

The route also includes the rounding of the Cape of Good Hope, another first for me, after which the yachts will drop down as fast as possible to the 40th parallel to pick up the roaring 40’s trade winds.

Some of the most extreme sailing on the planet is to be found in the Southern Ocean.


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Even though it will be spring in the southern hemisphere it will be chilly for the first time in the race as the wind blows directly from the Antartic ice!

The route will continue eastwards passing north of the lonely Kerguelen Islands and on to the inevitable cold “tinny” waiting for us in Western Australia. After 23 days at sea that will be a welcome reward.

The Kerguelen Islands (French I believe) are the little white dot in the middle of nowhere in the map opposite:



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At the end of this leg, after helping with deep cleaning and boat maintenance I leave the yacht, the team, new friends, to spend a couple of weeks exploring Western Australia before flying home. Another first – visting Australia.

The next time I see them all it will be at the race finish in the UK.

By the time I fly home I will have sailed 13,720 nautical miles, which for land lubbers is 15,789 (statute) miles. That’s more miles than I drive my car in a year!



For an insight of what Leg 3 (the Southern Ocean) entails, Clipper’s “Against the Tide 2 Part 2” can be viewed on YouTube:

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