Leg 4 – Western Australia to Eastern Australia

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Leg 4 takes the race from Western Australia to Sydney and then on to a further destination port in Eastern Australia.

This will mean that I will round the 3rd great cape on the planet; Cap Leeuwin on the south western tip of Australia and will be my second cape rounding. This only leaves Cape Horn to round at some point?!?

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

We will once again drop down below the 40th parallel deep into the Southern Ocean as we head eastwards. Passing below the Great Australian Bight before climbing northwards around Tasmania into the Tasman sea for a short stop over in Sydney, which could well be over Xmas or even New Year. There is a distinct possibility that we will be at sea over Xmas.

However Sydney is not our final destination for Leg 4, from here we will have a short race to another port, as yet unconfirmed, in Eastern Australia.

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