Level 1 Training Completed

Clipper 60 Level 1 Training Yacht

Clipper 60 Level 1 Training Yacht

So over Easter I completed my level 1 training and I have to say what a thoroughly enjoyable and comprehensive course it was! Even though I have been sailing for a number of years I still learnt something and it was an excellent introduction into big yacht sailing with the additional loads and the extra time it takes to get things done. Especially changing the #1 Yankee, and as predicted by the instructors we all came to loathe at the end of the week!

Weather; we had it all! Flat calm to a nice wet Force 8 channel crossing from Weymouth to Cherbourg. (Learning point: remember to do up the sealable cuffs on your expensive waterproofs otherwise water will run down your arm and out through your trousers…..)

What helped make it more enjoyable was the Great bunch of guys and gals I was on the course with. There was a wide range of experience but this did not detract from the week at all. We had a good laugh and we’ll never forget Sam’s porridge!!

A big thanks to the instructors; Jim, Lynette, and Mick – they did and excellent job and we got a good insight into what to expect.

Can’t wait for Level 2 now, which for me won’t be until November. In the meantime there are a few things on my list of ‘other stuff’ to learn; like bread and cake baking, one pot cooking as well as a couple of sailing related courses.

I’ll keep you posted on how the baking goes!


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  1. Sam says:

    Ha ha, my porridge made it onto your blog!

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