London Delivery Trip

Eerie Moonset

Eerie Moonset

On Monday 19th August the fleet left Gosport for the delivery trip to St. Katharine’s Dock in London.

This was after a hectic week in Gosport preparing the yachts for the challenge ahead as they were released from training to the race crews.

The trip was not a straight delivery as this would only take around 24 hours. It incorporated a short training race of around 250 miles across the channel to Cherbourg, across the Bay de Seine to a point off Fecamp, back across the Channel to roughly Brighton before proceeding along the south coast past Dover to finish off Ramsgate.


Sunrise in the middle of the channel

The winds were very light for the majority of the trip and non existent for a whole 24 hours. So this led the crew to coming up with ingenious ways to relieve the monotony of simply drifting up and down in the same spot hour after hour.

At one point we even set up a circuit training session up on the deck! However the glorious weather led to some fantastic sunrises and eerie  moonsets!

Once the race was completed it was back to training drills and man overboard exercises. As part of the MOB drills we even carried out a live recovery after Kate “volunteered” to jump overboard after donning her drysuit.


St. Katharine's Dock

St. Katharine’s Dock

Early on the morning of Friday 23rd the fleet rendezvoused off Southend before proceeding in line astern up the Thames under the Dartford Bridge, through the Thames barrier and on to Tower Bridge and St. Katharine’s dock. This was a taster of what to expect for the start and also the return in a little under a years time.






A respectable crowd had gathered at St. Katharine’s to welcome the fleet into the race village where they will now reside until the race start on the 1st September.




Further photo’s from the delivery trip can be found on the gallery page:

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