Nothing Much to Report

Well 4 days into Leg 4, Race 5 Albany to Sydney and nothing much to report.

After the excitement of the race start, in which GBR and PSP had a coming
together which resulted in GBR losing their bowsprit and PSP losing their
port wheel and rear rhino bar we headed south towards the Southern Ocean
again across the great Australian Bight. GBR and PSP having to head back in
to Albany for repairs.

The initial couple of days were moderately rough, a combination of a left
over sea and the point of sail, a fine reach, again resulted in a number of
people coming down with sea sickness, myself included. I have resigned
myself to the fact that I’m never going to completely conquer it. But as we
chased the bottom edge of a high pressure the wind and seas eased allowing
a more pleasant point of sail and the kite to be brought into action. So
far there are no incidents to report with kite. In fact this morning (Fri)
we also managed a peel from our Windseeker to the Code 2 without any drama.

However it looks like the Southern Ocean won’t let us across it again
without a reminder as to who is boss as we are currently running in front
of a large low with its associated front and winds. We are assured it is
not as nasty as the hurricane that we got hit with on the last leg.

Apart from GBR and PSP, who eventually left Albany some 24-36 hours after
the fleet, the rest of the fleet is spread out over around 80 miles or so;
another close finish on the cards perhaps?

For me this is the last long passage of my adventure. Races 6 and 7 are
short by comparison a matter of days compared to what has gone before and
in reality there is as much time spent ashore on this Leg as at sea. I have
to admit therefore that my thoughts have now turned to being reunited with
my family, friends and girlfriend, Dee, who will be waiting for me in

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