Off With His Head!

So the storm came and went without incident. As it happens I was on Mother
Watch so slept through most of it. However it left us with a moderate sea
and 25-30 Knots of wind from behind and great surfing conditions; myself
setting the record for the day of 22.3 Knots.

Matt decided that it was time for our Code 3 to make an appearance, which
is rated up to 35 Knots. It was duly hoisted and we set a new record; 5
minutes later it was in the sea!! The whole head of the kite being ripped
off. This meant another trip up the mast for our intrepid Claire to recover
the remnants of the head and allow us to re-hoist the Yankee 2 that we had
only just finished dropping after the Code 3 hoist.

Unfortunately there is no way we can effect a repair at sea as our sewing
machine is also broken. So the repair will have to wait until Sydney now,
which is 4-5 days away; late tomorrow we should round the bottom of
Tasmania, past Hobart and head North for Sydney. Ironically we will have to
come back this in in the next race from Sydney to Hobart.

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One Comment to "Off With His Head!"

  1. Debbie says:

    I think Claire deserves a bravery aware for getting up and down the mast in one piece without being blown away!

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