Sea Survival Training

Sea Survival

Sea Survival – Ok so it’s not in the sea, but……..

The Sea Survival training was incorporated into the Level 2 course, but in essence it is a standalone course. I actually did this back in 2006, but it was good to do it again and it was every bit as fun as the first time around.

Basically the course consists of telling you all the ways you are going to die if you don’t follow the basic principles in Sea Survival.

It is a REAL EYE OPENER and certainly gets you thinking. The impression it leaves you with is that I absolutely never ever want to get into a liferaft!


However if I ever have to do I feel now that I would have a better chance after doing this course.

So what are the basic principles? (apart from don’t get into a liferaft until it is the absolute LAST resort!)

  • Protection
  • Location
  • Water
  • Food

And once in the liferaft:

  • Cut
  • Stream
  • Cover
  • Maintain

Big thanks to the 2 instructors – Cliff & Keith! If you sail a lot – then do this course!!

PS. As a result of this course I’ve now removed the spray hood from out out the belt pouch on my personal lifejacket and fitted it directly inside the top of the lifejacket.

PPS. Thanks to Steve ‘Marigold’ for the picture montage! My camera threw a duck fit and corrupted the memory card during the course πŸ™


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  1. […] blew hard and hailed was the day we were in the swimming pool doing our sea survival course (see my separate blog on this bit of the […]

  2. Dee says:

    Not nearly cold enough!
    Looks like fun but only in the pool, try to avoid having to do it in the ocean eh love?

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