SeaPro Demo Version

SeaPro 3000 Navigation Software

SeaPro 3000 Navigation Software

The Clipper Boats use SeaPro 3000 Performance navigation software. So obviously this is something I wanted to learn how to use. But how to go about learning this when not on a yacht?

Well it turns out that the nice boys and girls at EuroNav provide a fully functioning simulator free of charge, complete with charts, tides, weather, traffic, and even radar! Cracking Grommit!!



All you need is Windwos XP/Vista/7 and to download the demonstration version from here:

Set-up is a doddle, I had mine up and running inside of 5 minutes.


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2 Comments to "SeaPro Demo Version"

  1. Ian says:

    A bit easier than excel 2010 then!

  2. […] some links to free GRIB files that you can use with the demo version of the SeaPro Navigation […]

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