Silk Liners – Modification

Silk Liner Modification

Silk Liner Modification

Going on the recommendation of previous Clipper crew I bought a silk liner for my Gauss Sleeping bag. However the first time I used this on my L2 training I found an annoying issue with them getting wrapped around you and tieing you up in knots inside the sleeping bag, or disappearing to the bottom of the sleeping bag when you just wanted to get into the thing! Really annoying when you’re just got out of your bunk for a quick trip to the heads……

So I’ve done a slight modification to mine to try and prevent these issues by adding toggles to it that hook into the loops provided inside the sleeping bag that hold the full blown liner in place (still not had to use that by the way!).

Tried it out on a regatta at the end of March and worked a treat – liner stayed put, no more knots or lost liner!

This will still work with the proper liner in place as well.

Result all round I think.


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