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So my new sleeping bag has arrived. Went for a Gauss Dreamseeker in the end. If you let them know you’re doing The Clipper you get a £25 discount plus a free pillow that goes with the bag.

20120907-153802.jpgFirst impressions were – ‘My god but it’s big!!’

However once I got over that and started to look at it properly it looks like an excellent piece of kit. Certainly no doubt that it will keep me warm. It claims to be good down to -15’C, no reason to doubt it at the moment.

It is waterproof both outside and inside, as is the pillow. It’s a 2 piece bag with the inner being removable by undoing the 16 toggles. The inner bag is also reversible so that the inner can be waterproof to allow you to get into it wet without fear of getting the bag wet. For warmer climates the inner bag can be removed entirely or you simply get in between the inner and outer bag.

The optional pillow, that Clipper crews get free, clips into the bag with the same toggle system; so no danger of losing it. The pillow is also reversible, once side being soft down, the other waterproof.

The whole bag rolls up into a built in pouch, with 2 straps permanently attached to keep it all secure. Once rolled up its fully waterproof, so no fear of the inside getting wet when your not in it.

It comes complete with a very robust carry case, although once on the boat this won’t be needed as the built in pouch will be sufficient and faster to put away in too.

Recommendation from previous crew is to also get a silk liner. This serves 2 purposes;

  1. Keeps the inside of the bag clean meaning you only have to wash the liner, which being silk dries a whole lot quicker, and
  2. Can be used for the seriously warm legs when the sleeping bag won’t be required.

I’ll be giving it a couple of trial runs before my level 2 training in November. Firstly on a camping trip in a couple of weeks in the Lake District, then on a weekend sailing trip at end of October.

Once I’ve trialled it I’ll update the post to say how it actually performed!

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3 Comments to "Sleeping Bag"

  1. Charles says:

    Neil – my experiences exactly mirror yours in relation to this sleeping bag. I can’t believe how huge it is! Have you managed to get it back into the carrying case?

    I’m doing level 2 in November as well starting on the 23rd. Might see you?

    • Neil says:

      Managed to get it back in its case after much sweating and cursing! No chance of getting it in there with the pillow though!!

  2. Charles says:

    Mission accomplished – took 2 of us!
    See you in November.

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