Tea to be Drunk!

Here we are approx 7 days out from Albany and today we have received the
import restrictions of what goods we are allowed to take into Australia,
particularly foodstuffs. Along with the quarantine and inspection
procedures upon our arrival.

For some items these are quite restrictive, for example only 1Kg of tea,
so many litres of milk, limited cheese, no Biltong from South Africa etc.
etc. So a quick inventory of our food stocks means we can eat like kings
for the last few days of our Southern Ocean sleigh ride. Porridge can be
made solely with milk (luxury), there will be lots of tea needed to be
drunk and much outstanding Biltong to be consumed. It is better we gorge
ourselves now than having to ditch it all before our arrival. I doubt
there will be many complaints from the crew on this matter.

One item that might raise concerns, for some of the crew at least, is
tobacco. This is restricted to 50 cigarettes or 50g per person. This means
that the non smokers are now offering very favourable rates to those
smokers with large caches to take them in as their personal allowance.
Obviously the rate, per cigarette, will increase the closer we get to our
destination! My starting price was a pint per cigarette; very reasonable I
thought πŸ™‚

Sadly no mention of any restrictions concerning Cous Cous as I can see, so
I still can’t find an excuse to chuck the whole lot overboard………..

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