Trucking South Picking Up Places

Currently some 900 miles North of the Cap Verde islands. Helming conditions are great at the moment under kite. Average speed is around 15 knots, touching 20 surfing down the waves. But it is clear that the kite system is not up for the job, and nor are the gybe preventers. However the spinnaker halyards have now been re-rigged that seems to have resolved the chaffing issues.

As for the gybe preventer; we’ve already snapped it once so are now running with two rigged. However this presents a further problem in that they are too strong. Evidence of this is when we dipped the end of the boom into the water when doing 15knots, the gybe preventers held. But the fairlead and pulpit didn’t as the preventers proceeded to tear the fairlead off the deck and bend a very substantial piece of metal in half. Only the forestay stopped the whole pulpit coming clean off the front of the boat.

We’ve also had to drop the spinnaker twice in the last 24 hours, once to remove a twist (wine glass) that we achieved after the kite collapsed and the other to repair a 12″ tear spotted during daylight this morning. Both drops, repairs, re-packs and re-hoists were done in under the hour. Not bad for 300+ sq. meter of kite.

Today we had two birthdays on board, David & Ross, which we celebrated with a cake and 2 bottles of locally produced Cola saved from Brest. Mick also made some decorative lanyards as presents for both the guys. We’ll have to toast them with a proper beer in Rio.

Oh yeah, we are now up to 2nd as we overhauled Henri Lloyd in the night. It seems to be that we are far quicker than the other boats and crews during darkness. I seem to recall Henri Llloyd saying a couple of days ago that it was a 2 horse race between them and Londonderry……..

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  1. Dee says:

    You are doing really well even Lucie says so! Hold fast guys we all love you xxx

  2. ClipperBeth says:

    Please leave some pieces of the boat left for the next crew to sail Neil! šŸ™‚

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