The Challenge of a Lifetime….

In August 2013 Neil Taylor from Leicestershire will take on the Challenge of a Lifetime by sailing from the UK to South Africa via Brazil, whilst raising £5,000 for Cancer Research UK and the RNLI in the process.
Can you help him to go further and raise more for his charities?

Cape Breton Island

This is no holiday pleasure cruise; there is no space for passengers! It requires working 4 hour shifts for the duration, in all conditions, on a yacht with zero home comforts; literally ‘The Challenge of a Lifetime’! An indication of the size of the challenge is that more people have climbed Everest than sailed around the world. Do you know anybody that has climbed Everest?

The Clipper 13-14 Round The World Yacht Race is the only one open for amateurs, the skipper being the sole professional onboard. Neil has self-funded two legs which is a big commitment financially, plus he will be away from his family for 3 months and not earning during this time. It will be a race of hardships in more ways than one!

To maximise the fund raising opportunity Neil is seeking sponsorship partners for this lifetime challenge to fund the undertaking of additional legs and increase the publicity exposure. The full 40,000 mile circumnavigation will visit 6 continents, include 15 stopovers and take 11 months. His target is to raise a minimum of £5,000 for his chosen charities.

As a sponsor there are a number of things that can be provided in return;

  • Wear your logo on my mid-layers or clothing other than my official race kit
  • Display your logo on my kit bag
  • Send you updates and photos from the race
  • Share my experiences in motivational talks for staff or social groups
  • Help engender a greater team spirit at work by encouraging everyone to get involved and follow my progress
  • Write articles for the in-house magazine/intranet/website
  • Do talks for schools and youth groups (kids love throwing buckets of water over crew in their foul weather gear)
  • Use my experience to help you raise money for your chosen charity
  • Act as your ambassador in stopovers
  • Mention you in any media interviews I do
  • Link to your company site from this blog!

This year’s race is being followed by a professional onboard media crew who will be reporting on the race and making a documentary. So what better way to get your company name seen!


The Places & Stopovers

The circumnavigation visits 6 continents and 12 countries; UK, Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, China, America, Panama, Mexico, Ireland, and Holland. In every stopover there is an opportunity to act as your ambassador, wearing your logo and promoting you in interviews. The stopovers are not a vacation though; maintenance and repairs to the yachts will be required in preparation for the next leg.

The Charities

Neil’s chosen charities to support are Cancer Research UK and RNLI. Like many others Neil’s life has been affected by cancer and lost close family members, he also lost a schoolboy friend to the sea. Over the years he has completed several fund raising activities to support both these charities including running the London Marathon. This is a different challenge altogether and requires a serious level of commitment, unlike anything previously undertaken.

The Yachts & Crew

There are 12 70 foot ocean racers in the 3rd generation of the Clipper fleet. Each yacht will be crewed by 20 amateurs; some having never sailed before, plus a professional skipper. Exceptional team work will be required throughout and all challenges will have to be dealt with by the crew alone as at times they will be thousands of miles away from help.

The Blog & Press Articles

Neil already has an active blog and this will be updated regularly as he sails across the oceans and during stopovers. As a sponsor your company would be included on the blog and promoted in any media interviews; he has already had articles published in local newspapers and the Cancer Research UK quarterly publication.

Full details of the challenge can be found at:


Neil lives with his partner in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire and runs a small consultancy and website design business. He has two children. He has always been active and does a small amount of inshore sailing, nothing on the scale of the challenge that he is about to undertake!


Neil is undergoing specific training with Clipper Ventures learning how to handle the yachts, the conditions, emergencies, and the unforeseen when thousands of miles away from the nearest help. Additionally he is now spending many hours fitness training to build up the necessary stamina and strength required to get through the harsh varied conditions, searing heat to bone numbing cold, when suffering from sleep deprivation.

If you think you can help please get in touch!

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